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DARREN INOUYE is an LA based artist with a passion for storytelling and adventure.  He was born in 1989 and raised in Orange County.  Darren has expressed himself through art for most of his life but it wasn't until high school that he got passionate for it through the forms of street art and graffiti.  In 2007, he graduated high school and decided to seriously pursue a career as an artist.  He applied and got accepted to ArtCenter College of Design and graduated in 2012 with a degree in Illustration Design.  Since his graduation he has been growing in his confidence as a painter in all scales, from small Post-It sized paintings that he does in collaboration with his wife Trisha, to 15x50 foot murals.  Collaboration and the street have always been a part of Darren's story, so when Paul reached out to him about a possible collab with FURNACE he was all in.

Darren and his wife, Trisha, have recently transitioned into a new role with their newly acquired existing business, RAINBOW ART in Monterey Park, CA.  They have been a team there for many years.  Through both of their education at ArtCenter College Of Design, they have been able to inspire and mentor students professionally.  Their intimate advice to their art students and community strikes a parallel to the closeness we share with our own, which to us makes this project even more relevant.

The piece he created with Furnace represents community with a purpose.  This is expressed in the form of chess pieces, as each piece has a unique role to play that the other pieces can't mimic. With each piece playing its unique role in conjunction with its fellow pieces, victory can be achieved.. . not individually but together as a team. 

 Check out more of Darren's work at DARRENIN.COM

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