Slip-On Pro (Peels)

Brand: Vans


Peels brand bio:
"A little over 3 years ago I decided I was going to make my dad a work shirt for his painting business. He's been painting for 25 years in a basic white tee and I just thought it would be really cool to make him a personalized work shirt. So I made one for him with his business "Peels Painting" embroidered on one patch, and his name "Jerome", on the other. He's 65 now, and he still paints houses in Florida full time. When the shirt arrived, it legit blew his mind. He told me "I can't wait to wear it, I haven't looked forward to going to work in 25 years, but this changes everything!" Now he sends me selfies at work painting in his new uniform.

I was born Jerome Jr. so I made a second work shirt for me, since I share my dad's name. I had so much pride repping my dad's company. I wore the shirt everyday, and I was skating the Cooper Park in Brooklyn a lot at the time. My homies at Cooper started asking about the shirt, and after a few weeks, all these friends at Cooper were all repping Peels work shirts. It started getting expensive with giving all my homies shirts. I was just so stoked to see them all wearing Peels though, so I honestly didn't care about losing money. After about two months I started getting DMs about the shirts. But I knew I wanted to keep it really small and personal.

It's crazy because I've strictly worn Vans since I was like 5 years old. Within minutes of connecting with Vans I was sketching ideas of a Peels x Vans shoe. We worked together and sent ideas back and forth for months until we created a shoe that, I feel, really tells the story of Peels. My dad has been skating forever, so when I told him about Vans he lost it too. Now he paints in his work shirt and his Vans x Peels Slip-ons."

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